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Jeunesse Reserve Gel

$142.00 $128.80

Jeunesse Reserve Gel 

comes in 30 sachets per box. 

Buy one box now to try before committing as a team member.

Only cost $ 128.80 as a trial pack. 

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All products of Jeunesse are clinically and scientifically proven. 

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Product Description

A world of quality products that you must not miss
A world of quality products that you must not miss

This is the link that is able to link you to the best products ever in the world to really help people to solve problems.

We are indeed very lucky to know this company. Read the videos and testimonials. We do not want to tell tales but to share with you what others have benefited.

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How to join to get the discounts?

1. Click the link and above the right corner click on the join now.

2. Fill in your particulars and you are able to reach the package that you would like to join as member. If you want to buy only the jeunesse reserve gel, click ‘customised package’ icon  and click on the reserve gel product,then put in quantity ‘3’ for the best buy basic package.

3.  Or choose the package and you just need to pay with credit card and the products will be send to you.

4.  Why must choose jeunesse?

No other mlm package able to give you this facilities and services and what is  most important is the compensation that the company will provide you whether you are the user or the dealer.

5. All compensation are auto generated and that you are able to withdraw into own bank account.

6. The products are miraculously wonderful and the effect is 50 percent more effective than noni. And the Luminesce range of skin care is 100% satisfaction. No complains from customers.

7. If you are interested, please inform me. Or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

8. Once registered you are entitled for your own back office online to see and monitor your income online.

You can start with basic package and later you upgrade when you see the more potential of jeunesse.

9. When you sign up, and the products that you have are 40% discount.  But when you sign up using my link you enjoy members wholesale prices.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 4 x 13 x 5 cm


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